Moi moi!

So wish i had a few more words in finnish in my vocabulary.. but my scandinavian brothas gotta settle for english from this Mahakala. And you wizards from Oz gotta settle for it to im afraid.
Dunno what to to with this, is this blogg going international now?
Mail from my aussie friend:
"well, at least i can stare at the shiny pictures and topics, cause that swedish jibberish you are writing.. it dosent make sense man"
And the comment from my finnish friend:
"your blogg is mad, but it aint no NWA"

So this is for my none swedish talking fellas.. your special to.. come to sweden soon and ill make sure to get you a speed course in swedish bullshit.. at least so you can read my whining and grinding. 
Or we all just get drunk on rum and vodka and then we can speak the international language of makesnosensish.



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